Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Beast Man - Savage Henchman

Beast Man, Beast Man what do you know about taking off you clothes……

That is about all I can write here from the infamous song Skeletor vs. Beast Man, by Brandon Dicamillo and Bam Margera, to make sure I don’t offend someone. For anyone who doesn’t know what I am talking about you can always Google it.

I was never a big fan of Beast Man. All main bad guys need to have henchmen and Beast Man always seemed to be Skeletor’s lead henchman, it is pretty much right there on the package under his name, but the character never resonated with me in any of his appearances.

I pretty much feel the same way about the MOTUC figure. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wide of the mark with the figure, it is still very impressive, but it just doesn’t command my attention like so many others in the line.

On the positive side, Beast Man comes with a very vibrant colour scheme which is visually arresting. The base orange of his body meshes nicely with the brownish red of his armour, and the blues of his medallion and loin cloth. Ofcourse, this is also the first use of the hairy buck which would later be used for other characters and it does its job well for a man that is a beast.

The head sculpt of Beast Man is a thing of beauty. Everything with the snarling expression has been done extremely well. From the rippled forehead, to the bared teeth of his open mouth, it is very much a work of art. As the line progresses with the reuse of parts, it is always refreshing to know that, for the most part, characters are receiving individually sculpted heads even if they are sharing body parts, although there are some exceptions to the rule.

The blue and white face has been a matter of discussion around the fandom. Is it the colour of his skin, much like a Mandrill? Or is it war paint? I am firmly in the camp of it is the colour of his skin. I can’t see how Beast Man would go to all the trouble to do himself up like a hussy only to go out and do battle with the Heroic Warriors. Seems like too much hard work for little reward if you ask me.

Beast Man has also been created with one gripping hand and one open hand. The open hand seems to have elongated fingers and long finger nails which really adds to the overall beast look. The gripping hand has the spiked knuckle duster and is a good homage to the vintage figure. It is these small details that increase the overall appeal of the figures.

Beast Man doesn’t come with many accessories but what he does have are really well done. His spiked armour has been designed in a way that not only increases his overall bulk, making him look bigger in stature, but it also makes him look somewhat hunched over, even when posed standing upright.

Unfortunately, the the blue painted, sculpted medallion on the spiked armour tends to have a lot of paint bleed which shows up easily against the brownish red of the armour. This is not overly distracting to me but it is there if you go looking for it.
Beast Man also has spiked upper bicep armour on either arm that is featured with intricate details such as visible cracks in the spikes themselves. Each bicep armour will clasp firmly in place so there is no real worry with it constantly becoming loose during play time..... ahem! I mean during posing the figure for display.

There is also the beast taming whip which is the last accessory that comes with Beast Man. This has been moulded in a pliable rubber which is a thousand times better than the piece of string that came with the vintage figure. Beast Man holds the whip well in his gripping hand but in the end, it is just a whip so there is not really much more to add.

It is a strange thing because as I write this review with the figure next to me, I can’t help but being more and more impressed with its design and look. From my opening statement where I claimed the figure doesn’t command my attention enough to now where I am a little surprised that it does not get much attention from me. Fully geared up, Beast Man does look imposing and doesn’t look like the moronic henchman that his media appearances have made him out to be.

I guess the changes in my opinion can be attributed to how good this toy line is. Even the figures that don’t seem all that much have all got some redeeming qualities somewhere. And I think if Beast Man was a standalone figure, or only partnered up with his line launch cohort, He-Man, he really would really stand out more.

Beast Man is all but sold out on Matty Collector so the best place to pick one up, if you haven't already, is on the secondary market. Although, if you are lucky Mattel may re-release it on Matty Collector again at some stage.


  1. Very well done review. I think you were spot on in all of the observations you made about the figure.

    Beastman is one of my top five or six figures in the line. Every time I pick the figure up, the paint apps and the sculpting just jump out at me.

    He's so photogenic too. I've taken more pictures of Beastman than any other figure I own. Not intentionally either. It just seems to happen.

    Masters of the Universe Classics Beastman is a masterpiece.

  2. Hi,

    I read your new blog the past two days and I really like it :). I have yet added it to my list of daily sites to check to get my dose of MotUC :p.

    I find your well lit photos very appealing (especially the one with the tied up teela is a nice idea ;) ) and I am looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    Regarding Beastman I share your opinion. He never was my favourite figure and as vintage figure I did not like him that much because he had no action feature and no cool weapons but the classics figure is so well done that the hole charakter grew on me and now I can really appreciate him as one of Skeletor's most important henchmen :)

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    1. I am not quite sure I know what you mean. Your name comes up in white on my end and it includes the link.

    2. Yeah...well...seems to be a problem with the PC I'm using. Yesterday I looked at your blog from another computer and the letters were white. Sorry^^

  4. Thanks guys for your kind words and taking the time to leave a comment. I truly appreciate it

  5. hey fallen, you really have me thinking about jumping into MOTU
    you have some great pics here and i like your reviews

  6. I enjoy the classic art recreation with figs