Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Zodac - Cosmic Enforcer

This is one figure where a cataclysmic event completely changed my opinion on it. Prior to that one event, this figure was a little bit on the boring side to me. I was never much a fan of the character in my youth and it seemed like everyone I knew who had MOTU figures had this one (maybe it was a peg warmer?). I was not one of the ones who did have it so maybe that is why I don't have any particular connection to this MOTUC one. As I have become older I have developed more of an appreciation for the character but the same thing couldn't be said for the MOTUC figure itself. That is until one fateful day....

Before I get to that event I will quickly touch on the origins of Zodac. It wasn't until I started surfing the 'net in the late 90's that I found out that Zodac was originally supposed to be evil, which is why he was designed to have the Skeletor feet. Another thing that I found very interesting was that Zodac was supposed to be the main protagonist in the mini comic, Slave City. Just before the comic was sent to the printers Mattel decided they didn't want Zodac to be the bad guy and the look of the figure had changed so the quickest and easiest way to change the name in the mini comic was to make it Lodar. This was actually mentioned by former editor Lee Nordling on an episode of the Roast Gooble Dinner podcast.

Zodac was later characterised as being neutral and, as a Cosmic Enforcer, he maintains the balance between good and evil. I sometimes think about where Zodac would stand if the powers of good became too dominant. Would he then side with Skeletor to oppose He-Man just to keep the balance? Is he strong enough to even be able to challenge He-Man? Am I thinking about this too much? Probably ☺

As I drag this out even more I will now mention the accessories that come with Zodac. Even though they are not much, just a harness and a laser/ray gun I actually quite like what was done with the harness. Where as Stratos was not given an update to his Rocket Pack, Zodac has been given a newly created back piece to the harness which is reminiscent of the 200x redesign.

I really like this new piece and it is probably my favourite update on this figure. It adds a little bit more to an otherwise boring figure . The sculpted "bullets" add another nice detail to the overall look but all combined I still felt that Zodac was missing something. That is when the cataclysmic event happened......

The Master Blade of the Empyrean

The first time I saw this weapon I knew I had to have it. It was the start of my love affair with Spy Monkey Creations and it was just the thing that was missing from Zodac. I kid you not, as soon as I saw the Master Blade my opinion on Zodac changed drastically.

It may be hard to understand how one weapon can completely change an opinion but it allowed me to really see Zodac in a different light. In my mind's eye I now see Zodac as more of a Galactic Police Officer, much like the Green Lantern Corps from DC comics. The Master Blade is his "Power Ring" and with it, it allows him to maintain the balance between good and evil as well as channel enough power to challenge He-Man if need be.

This musing should really just be about Zodac in his stock form but the Master Blade fits with him so well that I really can't look at the figure without acknowledging the weapon. In my opinion, the Master Blade must go hand in hand with Zodac, as well as Zodak and Wun-Dar who are all part of the Cosmic Enforcers in my MOTUverse.

I have even used a Master Blade to arm my lazy custom figure, Fabular - Eternian Stylist (I may even do a review of that figure at some stage, maybe as an April Fool's prank). The Master Blade really is that good and I regret not getting more when they were still being done in different colours on a custom basis. There is a very nice white one that I saw in a picture of someones collection and I am sure there are more colours floating around in collections all over the world.

Unfortunately, the Master Blade of the Empyrean is no longer available as it has been replaced by the new Master Blade from the Spy Monkey Creations - Armory Series 1. As much as I like the new Spy Monkey weapons, the new Master Blade is just not as good as the original Master Blade. If you are lucky you may be able to find someone who is selling one but for the most part it is much easier (and probably cheaper) to get a Zodac figure from the secondary market than it is to get a Master Blade of the Empyrean.

So for a musing that was supposed to be on Zodac there seems to be a lot more written about the Master Blade. You don't have to have a Master Blade if you want to have Zodac but for me, it took what could have been a somewhat bland figure and made it in to a better figure and a much stronger character. At least that is how I view it In My Canon™.


  1. I really enjoy these, buddy. I like SMC's stuff, but actually sold all of mine (pretty much a full set of their earliest stuff up to the Hammer) awhile back. I decided I wanted a "pure" MOTUC collection-whatever that means, right? I actually use this figure as Ze-Ro, an evil Cosmic Enforcer who masquerades as Zodac (the TRU figure)!

    1. Thanks for joining me in my "home" Uki. I know exactly what you mean by pure MOTUC collection. Some of the earlier SMC stuff didn't seem to fit as well as the Master Blade

  2. Actually, Uki, the custom pink Master Blade you see here is in fact from the lot you sold to me, and which in turn I sold to TheFallen. I kept the other custom blade :) . Small world, after all! ~Shecky~

  3. Hey where did you get the blade hilts with the zodac symbol?