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Rating the Reveals - NYTF 2012

I have been a little bit lax in getting some more reviews posted. They are still coming, I just have to make some finishing touches, but in the mean time here are my musings on the latest MOTUC reveals from New York Toy Fair.....


Let me preface this and say it has been confirmed that Frosta was rushed for her to be ready in time for the reveal so the face deco has not been finalised.

I actually did not not have a problem with Frosta, even from the first time I saw her. Judging by the reactions online I would have to say I was in the minority on that. The thing I have the biggest issue with is the accessories, or lack there of. Frosta comes with the pin wheel and a repainted She-Ra shield (not pictured). In my opinion that is more of an issue that the face deco.

The figure is cool (see what I did there?) but the accessories are not.

Frosta = 6.5/10

Snake Man-At-Arms

What else can be said other than this figure is Taken for the Ass?

I will admit, this finished version is better than the first time it was revealed. The added Roboto parts gives the figure a much more techno feel and is as close as we are likely to get to a 200x inspired Man-At-Arms. It is still a very weird amalgamation.

The new face sculpt is pretty awesome as is the addition of the Serpent's Ring but they are not enough to make a good figure. Had this figure come with a variant, helmetless head and the Arm Cannon then it would have been pretty damn good. As it is? Not as much.

Snake Man-At-Arms = 4/10

Man-At-Arms' Arm Cannon

While I am glad to see this finally in MOTUC I really don't like it based on this one picture. It looks cheap and too boxy. Granted, better pictures may change my opinion but basing it on what I have seen so far is all I can do at this stage.

This Arm Cannon will not come with Man-At-Arms but it will come with a yet to be revealed figure. The current, fan speculated, front runners are Dekker or Clamp Champ.

Man-At-Arms' Arm Cannon = 2.5/10

200x Dual Swords

This is a great example of Mattel listening to the fans by actually working these swords in to line. I absolutely love these swords. They are not as detailed as the swords from the 200x era but they are represented nicely in the Classics "look". The evil one looks very similar in design to Skeletor's Havok Staff and the good one looks like it could be a bird.

Over on the He-Man.org message board one of the members, bcrduke, came up with one of the best storyline suggestions I have ever read in regards to these swords. What he suggested is that these two swords should be a symbol of the union between the Gar and Eternian races. In a world that is inhabited by characters named Buzz Off and Ram Man something as insightful as this is pure genius.

It has not been revealed who the swords are coming with just yet but no matter what storyline Mattel choose to use for these swords (if they even do at all) I will be using bcrduke's idea in my canon.

200x Dual Swords = 7/10

Sir Laser Lot

This one is a bit of a mixed bag for me. I am not impressed by it and I am not disappointed by it. I think The Mighty Spector reveal from last year has desensitised me to figures like this.

The accessories and headsculpt are easily the best things. The choice of colours..... not so much. For a figure created by an acclaimed writer such as Geoff Johns I would have expected something a little better. I am a fan of new characters in this line but the standard created by Draego Man has not been achieved by the last couple of new characters.

Sir Laser Lot = 3.5/10

Snake Men 2-Pack

This was a very pleasant, and welcome suprise. This particular reveal was a lot of other people's favourite reveal from NYTF but not quite there for me. They are very awesome though, I will not deny that. The Snake Men faction has so far been severely lacking in members, with just King Hsss and the upcoming Kobra Kahn so these will now flesh them out even more.
The only real downside with this pack is the lack of alternate looks that can be created. With the Palace Guards, there are enough various accessories to give the figures four distinct looks. Even though there are different (although very slightly) heads in this set there really isn't much to differentiate the figures to give them seperate looks.

Having said that, I will still buy 3 sets when they are finally released. We will see one of the sculpts get released again later when Mattel finally do Rattlor but they both do look great and they will be perfect to bolster the ranks of the Snake Men army.

Snake Men 2-Pack = 8/10


This was my favourite of all the reveals. There hasn't been a Spikor action figure since the one from the original MOTU line. And I have to say, this one is so much better.

There has been a lot of discussion on the headsculpt of this figure, some people don't like it for what ever reason but I think it is perfect. A lot of the discussion has been in regards to the wrinkles and dopey look of the face. I still cannot see this dopey look that people keep mentioning (maybe I am wearing Nostalgia Goggles?) and I think the wrinkles match the character perfectly and this is my reason why;

In the original mini comics, Spikor was portrayed as creating the Terror Claws for Skeletor. In the mini comic there is even a couple of panels showing Spikor toiling away at his creation. This pretty much makes Spikor a blacksmith.
Now, taking that in to account and following my view of the stereotype of blacksmiths, that makes Spikor grizzled and old. Blacksmiths are not ususally portrayed as young, sprite individuals but they are portrayed as surly and mean. Spikor is covered in spikes so, just like Stinkor was to an extent in the 200x cartoon, he should be treated like somewhat of an outcast. No one should be wanting too get close to Spikor for fear of being impaled.

I don't know if that is they way Spikor will be portrayed in the MOTUC line but it should be :)

I can't wait to get this particular figure in hand. He was one of my most sought after releases and I am very happy with the way he has been done. Especially since the trident will not be permanently attached to his arm, although the exact way this is achieved has yet to be revealed.

Spikor = 9/10

Now that Spikor is here, all that is left for me now out of my absolute most wanted figures is Rio Blast. I have tried my best to start my own movement to get this figure so we will see how that pans out;

No Rio, We Riot

Pictures courtesy of;

Matty Collector
Elkkthunder's Toy Room

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